#15 Sights and Sounds Ep.1 ‘Shiraito’s Waterfall’ – 「景色と音」Ep.1 「白糸の滝」

Sights and Sounds ep.1 Shiraito’s Waterfall (Itoshima city, Fukuoka).

’Sights and Sounds’ is a short video series which introduces the attractions of places using only the live sounds and images of what you see (no narration and back ground music).
’Sights and Sounds’ – the title sounds really simple and even too normal, but
since we get used to the videos with lots of music and narrations, we might forget the beauties of things you see and listen. It is, therefore, the purpose of making this series is to feel once again the “reality”, without putting any additional music or vocal explanation. (But I also think that BGM and narration are both super important to make a better video!)

As for the first episode, I featured a place called ‘Itoshima’s waterfall’ (Itoshima no taki) which is a rare healing spot for local people in Fukuoka. In fact, lots of people visit there during the season of summer in order to feel natural coolness from 24-metered waterfall. In addition, there are some activities you can do such as fishing, eating Japanese sweets, and so on.

Since summer is very near in Japan, I hope you will feel the beauty of the nature and the sounds of summer by watching this video!

To know more about ‘Itoshima’s waterfall’, please follow @ciaela who made a video which also features the same place, and of corse, the website the Fukuoka city owns.

Link (Japanese): http://www.crossroadfukuoka.jp/event/?mode=detail&isSpot=1&id=400000005339

「景色と音」 ep.1 白糸の滝
新シリーズ: 「景色と音」では 訪れた場所感じた魅力を、映像と自然の音だけで伝えてゆく企画です。一見非常に普通で当たり前の企画に見えますが、普段BGMやナレーション付きの動画に慣れている私たちにとって、素の音だけで映像を見て、その場所の魅力を存分に感じてもらいたいと感じ、この企画を始めました。



Canon 5D MarkIII
Magic Lantern (Firmware)
Canon EF 24mm-75mm F4L IS USM
Libec Ales S (Tripot and slider)
iPhone 6
Rode Shotgun Microphone NTG-2
Editing soft
Davinci Resolve 11 lite (Color editing)
Adobe Premier Pro CS5
Adobe Soundbooth CS5


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