#11 Michael Kaneko

#11 Michael Kaneko 


  A 24 year old singer-songwriter, who has a sweet and husky voice, has been through emotional ups and downs since he decided to follow his dream to be a musician. While the most of his friends had decided to work in a company to gain stability, Michael’s anxieties got bigger and bigger. “When I saw my friends to have couple of drinks, they were wearing suits, only I was wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans. They have stable income, but I don’t. So I kept asking myself over and over again, ‘was this the dream I wanted?’ I was totally lost in life.” The biggest enemy in our lives is ‘fear.’ Once we have it , the worst case is to lose life for good. “I would say that last October to December was the toughest moment in my entire life. It took lots of time and energy to come back and feel normal,” the 24 year-old solo musician said. 
He wrote, ‘Through the Fire’ to put all his emotions into a song. 
I had a chance to see him play his original songs for the first time a couple days ago here in Fukuoka. It was clear that not only me, but also all of the people in the cafe had received an amazing heartfelt gift from Michael. 
Fear, is something you should avoid, but you must have it to make you stronger. Michael’s challenge will be continued…



そんな中、自分の感じていた思いを歌にした。「Through the Fire」は、歌詞からは戸惑いや当時自信がなかったことが伺えるが彼の魂や思いが十分に込められている。人は挫折をして強くなる。挫折することに恐怖を感じている人は多いのかもしれないが、そんな時こそ夢は、自分が落ち込んでいるときのモチベーションになり、生きることの大切さを教えてくれるのだろう。

Follow Michael Kaneko’s Musical Journey at 
http://michaelkaneko.com/ @michaelkanekomusic


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