#2 Noko Island, Fukuoka-能古島

Noko Island, an existent utopia in Fukuoka. You can find lots of stuffs that you can remember. Photos were taken 2013,08,11


01 Noko Island.
Noko Isalnd-What to expect
The destination of Today’s small trip is Noko Island (能古島). A west remote island is located 10mins distance from Fukuoka city by the ferry ‘Noko SC’. Before this trip I have only seen the photos of here. The book says that the scenery which can see Fukuoka city clearly is just beautiful. Therefore, my expectation and desire is of course to have that scenery.


02 A Man of Noko Island.
A man of Noko Isalnd
Even though the ferry was full of people who are excited for going to the beach there, there was one man who was sitting besides the deck. Asked him what was his purpose of heading to Noko Isalnd. He said he has lived there since he was born. Now he is 75 years of old, making delicious tomato in the farm he owns. The name of Tomato is ‘Miyuki-幸’, which named after his first name. The harvest of Miyuki for this year is already done.
‘You’ve gotta wait for tasting my tomato till next year, son.’
and he got off from the ferry.


03 Against the City.
03 Against the City
Here is the scenery from Noko Island facing against the city. Miyuki- a man that I met on the ferry told me the night view is the best of all times in here. As you can see, we could see the different side of Fukuoka city, especially the night when all the building are lighted-up.


04 an Old train.
04 An old train.
The first action after the arrival at Noko Isalnd was bike around the island. after a 10mins of cycling, there was an old handcar and one long rail seemingly coming from the top of the mountain. As far as i saw, there was no evidence of the use recently, has been sleeping there for a long time. Whats this handcar for? maybe carrying something from the top of the mountain?


05 an Amazing road and sunshine.
An amazing road-lights and colors
During a hardcore cycling, the scenery has changed a lot. I was actually in the middle of the mountain with no trace of people passing through. Sweet smells of trees, comfortable winds blowing through this path, and beautiful light falling here through the trees..one of the best path I have ever had.


06 a Symphony of the nature.
06 A symphony of the nature
Here is one of the most brilliant sceneries from what I’ve got. Noko Island has an amazing combination of natures…I feel so helpless in explaining how beautiful it was. I could only say that I totally had forgot how much I was thirsty after encountering this master-piece.


07 The another end of the day with the breathtaking scenery.
07 The another end of the day with the breathtaking scenery
An exquisite view. A random action had guided me here.


08 Reflecting a beauty.
08 Refelcting the beauty
Sea water…there is no need to put filters for making it beautiful. It is an harmony among many kinds of colors.


09 Into the wild
into the waving reflections
There were only three people at beach including me. This man knows one of the most beautiful moments and the places.


10 More than the romance.
More than romantic
A secret scenery with romantic couples. It is weird that I did not have any jealousy toward them, probably because of the extreme sentimentalism, yeah makes no sense.


11 I’ll come back here anytime.
Goodbye, Ill come back again anytime
It was 6pm when I took a return ferry. However, there are still many people coming to Noko Island. Most of the people would probably go to the beach. The journey will be just about begin.


12 Takuma, a six year old man.
Takuma, a 6 year old man.
On the way home on the ferry, I went outside of the deck, found a kid watching the views by himself.
His name Takuma, 6 years old. Came Noko Isalnd with his father.


13 Takuma, a six year old man with a dream.
Takuma, a 6 year old man.
I asked him what he wants to be. A surprised answer came back.

‘I want to run an ice shaving shop.’
‘Why Takuma?’
‘Because I want to make people happy by making lot of ice shavings.’
‘Will you make it for me someday?’

It doesn’t matter what you want to be. As long as you have a dream to make other people happy, you are going to make them happy sooner or later.










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