#1 A Family trip.

A minute film: A Family Trip.

We had a short family trip last year. It has been 6-7years since we had it last time. It sounds really normal to you when you hear ‘oh you had a family trip, thats nice.’
I agree. but this, what makes special is, this was the last family trip with this four members. Since my sister was pregnant, she is going to have a baby. Although welcoming a baby to my family is a great and wonderful thing, a bit sadness came from the fact that we are no longer able to spend only with four, which also shows that the generation changes within us has arrived just like others. (still we are really happy to welcome a new baby!!!!)

01 Family trip to Karuizawa
01 Family trip to Karuizawa.
It’s been 6 or 7 years since my family went trip together last time. This idea was come up with by my mother Koko, who thought it would be the last one before my sister Hitomi gives a birth to her baby.
Luckily, I could take a few days off from the work at the end of the september, so we finally made a family trip to Karuizawa.

02 Rest and wait
02 Rest and wait
After an hour walking, we sit and waited something special coming, which is…

03 Soft-cream for love
03 Softcream for love.
Kunio, a 66 year old guy has his own tradition to buy sweets when he goes traveling. He has kept this tradition for more than 28 years since my sister was born.
He doesn’t speak a lot, people say that he is a typical Japanese father. But dont get it wrong. Even if typical Japanese fathers don’t speak a lot, it does not mean that he loves no one.
I am not sure if he shows his love with this soft cream, thats the fact only he knows.

04 Something Looks Familiar
04 Something looks familiar
Hitomi (Left) and Koko (Right), they look like kind of same when they get what they love.

05 Sunset
05 Sunset.
At the end of the day, we see an amazing sunset and thought, this is really the last trip together with this four members. Felt a bit weird when I thought about it seriously. Of course, it would be one of the happiest things to welcome a baby of my sister’s, but at the same time, a tiny sadness covered all of my body suddenly. It made me thing that a new generation has just arrived in my family, just like others.

06 Generation to generation
06 generation to generation
The best moments when my lovers are showing their happiness by laughing at the same time.
A night before this family trip, my mother worried if we can really enjoy the moments. While she was looking forward to seeing her grand-daughter, was bit scared by the fact that we would not be able to spend times with these four members.

We, dad, mom, sis and me had been spending time with these four for more than 20 years. She knew how significant to her life. Now the generation has changed little by little from paretns to kids. She seemd to be confused by this generation changing going on within my family.

But, these smiles proved that her anxiety was just blown away.

They just kept laughing, laughing and laughing until my sister’s water broke.

07 Shopping like a boss
07 Shopping like a boss.
you could see the light shades between shops, which shows how much my pregnant sister moved passionately when it comes to the shopping even though she said she wanted to go back to hotel before this. Oh dear.

Also, enjoy a clip of this story!


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