#13 The man of passion.

‘When I was young, I always wanted to create something new, make something that I have never tired before. Once I get the image of it, I just do it.’ Alan is a 23 year old man who handles multiple businesses in Taiwan. He was 16 years old when he started his first business. Since […]

#12 a Part of people’s life – Suitengu Shrine (Kurume, Fukuoka)

#12 a Part of people’s life – Suitengu Shrine (Kurume, Fukuoka) I’ve got a message during the work from sister and said ‘I might be pregnant again!’ So I decided to go to a famous shrine called ‘Suitengue Shrine (水天宮)’ in Fukuoka, took an hour train from the down town…and here we were. 今回は、福岡市の中心街から電車で一時間ほどの場所にある、久留米市にある水天宮を訪れた。 Suitengu Shrine […]

#11 Michael Kaneko

#11 Michael Kaneko    A 24 year old singer-songwriter, who has a sweet and husky voice, has been through emotional ups and downs since he decided to follow his dream to be a musician. While the most of his friends had decided to work in a company to gain stability, Michael’s anxieties got bigger and […]

#10 Spring Festival/春节祭

Spring Festival/春节祭 One of the biggest Chinatowns is in Nagasaki City, located in the west of Kyushu. Nagasaki has prospered as an international port city since 1571. Chinese immigrants have also lived here in Nagasaki for quite a long time. That’s why, when the Chinese New Year comes, they hold a big festival to celebrate […]

#9 My sunset

‘You can see sunset much clearer in this season especially,’ the man continues, ‘it is a real beauty.’ 65 year-old man comes to Hakata port tower almost every day for 50 years. ‘I don’t take photos as you do, but I see this beautiful mother of nature with my eyes everyday, which makes me happy […]

#8 Old man with a flute.

“I felt dizzy when I started to practice the Japanese bamboo flute, ‘Shakuhachi’”said the 66 year-old-man. “I couldn’t find a teacher in Fukuoka since my previous teacher left, so now I’m studying shakuhachi by myself.’ He started playing shakuhachi in 1996 when his coworker who was good at shakuhachi got transferred to Toyama, where he […]

#7 Boy with a Dream

#7 A Minute film: Boy with a Dream. Captured a boy who trains himself at 7am in the park every day. His dream is to become a baseball player, but his role model is his brother. まだ、冷たい風が吹く3月下旬、甲子園球場の近くにある公園で毎日素振りを行う少年に出会った。彼の夢はもちろん野球選手。 なりたい選手はいるかと聞くと、「プロじゃないけど、お兄さんみたいになりたい」という答えが返ってきた。 兄を夢見る少年の夏はすぐそこだ。